Yamani Watkins has walked a unique and diverse path since his debut in the entertainment industry fifteen years ago. Having worked in the arena of record labels, professional photography, music video and commercial production - Watkins brings a synergy of creative and business experience to the table.

Watkins is currently the Co-Founder and Executive Producer of the newly formed Los Angeles based production and media house, Karma Kollective. His roster presently includes directors Elliott Lester, Dean Karr, Darren Grant, Scott Weintrob, Aaron Priest, Wang Brothers, Ras Kassa and Zosimo Maximo who are award winning talents in both the commercial and music video worlds. Karma Kollective's recent projects have included spots for Palms Hotel, Lexus, Vidal Sasson and Universal Studios Orlando + Coke... as well as music clips for Damian Marley, Willie Nelson, Vanessa Hudgens and LL Cool J and Dave Matthews Band to name a few.

Prior to establishing Karma, Watkins cut his teeth in the roles of Executive Producer, Director's Rep and Coordinator through the years at the pillar production houses of The Joneses, RSA and A Band Apart. It was these formative years that were instrumental in enabling him to establish relationships with ad agencies like Foote Cone & Belding, DDB Needham, Saatchi and all major records labels.

Early is his career, Watkins utilized his talents as a still photography producer to better develop his approach to short form production. He has produced over 50 major album covers for Grammy Award winning artists like Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty, Iron Maiden. Platinum artists Busta Rhymes, Marilyn Manson, AC/DC and many more. Watkins has also produced national print campaigns for Sony Playstaion, the Tommy Hilfiger Freedom Tour with Lenny Kravitz along with several fashion editorials. Yamani says "Still photography offered an incomparable sense of immediate gratification, the creativity is spontaneous...you see it, you love it, you shoot it". This inspirational approach to his work style has kept him driven to achieve his goals through the years.

Actively pursuing the field of new media, Yamani has enveloped a circle of accomplished associates from interactive producers/directors, graphic artists to web designers - in order to launch Karma Kollective's latest division, Karma Media Group.

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